As part of METAMORPHOSIS at 35 Chapel Walk Gallery, Sheffield.

A collaborative durational piece constructed in the gallery space
over the course of 6 hours on Sunday 13th September 2015.

Consists of;
Blackboards. Chalk. A table.
A person sat with some forms for you to fill in.
A collection of objects (stuff) that you add to. Bags, labels.
Some reference made to maps, journeys, specific places and memories. Balloons.

X MARKS THE SPOT is linked directly to recent key strands in my creative practise.;
CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? - Derby Art Gallery and Museum.
A collaborative project, working with curator Andrea Hadley Johnson, Exhibitions Officer at Derby Museums and Art Gallery and artist Anna Mawby.
CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? used key materials and processes evident in the experimental 12X12 studio project; dust, ashes, water, wet clay, sand, chalk on blackboards, hand embossed wallpaper, sand cast lead text, film and audio.

Later studio interventions alongside artist Keith Hayman (RIP) notably SETTLEMENT and INSIDE OUT altered the focus of my practise, using personal memories, specific places and lo-tech materials to create temporary installations that were inherently about 'landscape' in its broadest sense.

Q. Ok, so can you tell me about that big fucking hill over there? 

A. Well... it's sort of 'like' a lump of granite or sandstone or gritstone or some kind of rock stuff with mud and gravel and grass and houses and trees and things on the top and slippery slopes. Nowt posh really...

Over the past two and a half years, my practise has focussed specifically on the use of drawing to further investigate the idea of landscape.
Visceral, process based, drawn from memory not direct observation, these drawings have much in common with landscape, rural and urban. 

They are not abstract images however - far from it.
They resonate with half remembered images of Sheffield, the Peak District, Cornwall, motorway journeys, walks in the sun, the sky through the attic window, bike rides, cracks in the pavement, interspersed with background radio news broadcasts, rhythmic machine noise from adjacent industrial units, kids laughing and crying in the gardens, dogs snarling, couples arguing, wind howling... pencil, stencils, knives, charcoal, chalk, lead powder, collage, masking tape on paper. CONSTRUCT DECONSTRUCT RECONSTRUCT.

X MARKS THE SPOT links drawing, collecting, archiving. 

It relies totally on an audience contribution.

This is what you need to do;

Donate something - an object/thing, found or made. 

Rescued or overlooked. 

Worthless or invaluable. 

A note, a photograph, a love letter.

It needs to be able to be held in your hand, no bigger.

You will need to bring it to the gallery between midday and 6pm on Sunday 13th September.

You will need to fill in some paperwork.
A few questions; about where you come from, people you no longer see, who you hate, etc. etc.

Your donation recieved, your paperwork filed, your contribution marked with an X on a large blackboard 'map'.

You will receive a black or white balloon marked with an X as a memento.
Photographs of the donated pieces will go on www.stephencarley.co.uk

and via Twitter #metamor15
A tabloid newspaper will be produced retrospectively documenting the donated pieces and paperwork.

SC September 2015.