#settlement - source link OUR SHITTY HOPES AND DREAMS.
The studio installation was open from
source site Monday 1st April - Saturday 6th April, 2013.
at Gordon Works, Valley Road, Meersbrook, S8 9FT.

مؤشرات الخيار الروبوت الثنائية Twitter #settlement @stephen_carley #Settlement - OUR SHITTY HOPES AND DREAMS.

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أفضل وسطاء الخيارات الثنائية في المملكة المتحدة Water and resist (meniscus, surface tension). Gold leaf and plaster memorial with velvet curtains (spotlit). A sheet of glass and dust text (plus a fortuitous drop shadow). Stencilled floor plans (plus #settlement hashtag). Building site hoarding (heavily tagged) with shroud and 'X marks the spot' photograph plus 'Q and A' pinned up for public information purposes. A large 'demo' placard (typically, a blackboard / bored with chalk). Spotlights (heat, dramatic FX, like the sun - a little heat as well). A cardboard box landslide. A wooden structure / scaffold. A ceiling rose with a gold leaf message (sincere). Gold paint on canvas (illustrating demolition / construction scenes in a halftone / abstracted fashion). A huge blackboard with chalk writing plus some clay moulds in plastic bags (the molds refer to the points of the compass - north, south, east, west). Blackboard jigsaw shapes. A model billboard (sugar and cardboard) with a clay mold. Scorched books (some kind of documentation of things that have happened or not as the case may be). An embroidered 'T' towel (corporate logo / homage to Vesalius 'the flayed man'). Paper boats X4 (tabloid, Nuts magazine, Gombrich's History of Art, the Bible ). Another demo placard (dry flaky mud text on cardboard - useless). A bag of (dodgy) videos. Signs for a hillside showing seven different options (titanium white oil paint on cardboard). cardboard box (empty) statement. An optimistic LP recording. Double portrait photograph (identity removed by burning the faces). A 'blank wall' photograph labelled 'missing'. Loads of balloons (black n white). Wall drawing in chalk on blackboard (hills/fiscal graph/garmin profile). Soundtrack (bang bang bang). A chalk message on the floor...

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