A four part remix project for the 'We Are Folkspace' window.


This is about landscape.
This is also about the here and now, the past and what might come next.
And it is about moving through that changing landscape.
Being part of it and being disconnected from it.
It is interpreted here through working with drawing, found elements (collage), text, diagrams, maps, embroidery, sculpture, site specific marks, dark room chemical process, pinhole photography and audio recording.

The Artefacts in the 'we are folk-space' window are a combination of pieces made over quite a long period of time brought together as a 'remix'.
It combines current ideas that are focussed on drawing and audio along with other current and past ideas that possibly hint at regional and national identity and my place in all that.
Hopes and fears etc.

The map featured in part four connects two ends of a regular walk I often make between the studio on Valley Road and the General cemetery on Cemetery Road.
One end of the walk terminates in the grave of Samuel Holberry, a chartist activist (1814-1842). The other end of the walk ends at the gates of the Empire Rib Company, Gordon Works.
The invitation is simply to follow the map and pause at the points indicated... Look for a black X.
Just have a look at things around you perhaps a little bit more closely than usual, listen to things just that little bit more carefully, take note of the temperature, the smell...
Perhaps share those ideas with me @stephen_carley #quartet

My drawings are directly and indirectly informed by walks such as these...
As Paul Klee once said, "A drawing is simply a line going for a walk".
These are possible fragments from that walk and other walks...

A CD EP is available in Spinning Discs.
The EP is also available on www.audiomaps.bandcamp.com

Stephen Carley. July 2016.

July 2016.