Signs Express (Sheffield) are becoming well known for their creative approach and ‘can do’ attitude towards the more unusual requests, most recently completing a plaque and wall display for the “Can you hear me now?” exhibition.

Creative duo Steve and Carol Morris, together with their expert team at Signs Express (Sheffield) were commissioned by artist Stephen Carley to produce the finishing touches to his “Can you hear me now?” exhibition at Derby Art Gallery.
The exhibition is the artist’s interpretation of anonymous responses to printed postcards depicting emotions – Fear, Anger, Disgust, Desire, Joy, Guilt, Sadness and Delight. The postcards were made available to public last year and people were invited to jot down open and honest examples of their emotions in some or all of the categories, which have resulted in this curious and emotionally potent exhibition.
Recommended to Signs Express by the director of leading creative design agency ‘The Cafeteria’, who worked with Steve and Carol on various projects for Museums Sheffield and other art galleries and museums, Artist Stephen Carley tasked Steve to produce a replica of a blue heritage plaque depicting ‘Joy’ and flat cut mirror acrylic letters mounted on clear acrylic panels depicting ‘Fear’.
Following the design guidelines for the real blue heritage plaques, Steve began by gluing 2 pieces of Foamex board together, hand finishing to give it a slight dome effect and creating minor ‘blemishes’ – giving the impression of being made of clay. The piece was then painted by hand using specialist paint before the letters were glued in to place.
“This has been an interesting project to be involved in, something we could really get our teeth in to.” Comments Steve Morris. “When these jobs come along they allow us to brainstorm, getting the whole team involved to develop ideas from scratch. “
“As well as having a strong reputation for providing signage solutions, I’m delighted we are now also becoming known for being able to work on more specialist, creative projects which really utilise our in-house skills and expertise. Having this skill set in-house means we don’t have to sub-contract work out, benefiting our customers.”
The “Can you hear me now?” exhibition can be seen at the Derby Art Gallery and has been reviewed by The Guardian.