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X-Ray. Stephen Carley, 2001.

I am asleep, it is good.
CD, 2001.

Sound / audio / soundtrack / recording / live performance...
These had been fairly constant elements in my work since the Darlington residency.
With this particular CD, I wanted to pull together some ideas into relatively coherent musical forms... And work independently - music had always been a collaborative affair up till this point. However, it needed the mixing and production skills of Chris Morris and Matt Howden to take the four track demos further than my trusty Tascam would allow!
I wasn't that bothered about verse / chorus structures, it was loops and sample orientated with spoken word... There was an emphasis on bass to carry the rhythm and quite an eclectic sourcing of samples from vinyl for melodies and textures. The crackles inherent in the old vinyl and the recording limitations of the sampler added a nice '8 bit' aesthetic to the mix.
The 'songs' gave voice to narratives that would've been very difficult to realise through purely visual formats.
The words were not really intended to be seen as written pieces. In terms of structure they were quite organic and lacked conventional poetic structures - it was all about how the words worked live or as a recorded voice.
Live was a mixture of mini disc backing loops, tapes, a very basic desktop sampler, a selection of battered keyboards and xylophones, vocals and projected images.

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 Gig flyer, access space, Sheffield     
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 Gig flyer, showroom, Sheffield