Using the drawings as audio maps or scores, working with very lo-fi techniques (4 and 8 track porta studio, desktop sampler, bass guitar, a collection of broken discarded instruments, field recordings) and collaborating with musicians and sound engineers.

EP1 recorded with اذهب Actual Midgets at Harwood Street Studios, Sheffield. February 2016.
EP2 mixed and mastered by الخيارات الثنائية سلم التداول Adam of TyeDie Tapes and Rectifier, Sheffield. October 2016.
EP3 recorded and mixed by jobba hemifrån läkare Stephen Carley at Ribcage Studios, Sheffield. December 2016. تداول اسهم الحكير للسياحه Finding Lines at Derby Art gallery and Museum.

EP4 recorded and mixed by قراءة هذه المشاركة هنا Stephen Carley at Ribcage Studios, Sheffield.
April 2017.
EP4 remixes by شركة Alex Noble Sheffield. June 2017.

EP5 recorded and mixed by Stephen Carley at Ribcage Studios, Sheffield.
July 2017.
EP5 remixes by الخيارات الثنائية ساعات Sara Brannan (@seepereria), Adi Carter (, Daniel Reed (, بيع اسهم بوان Adam Zejma (, احصل على معلومات اكثر Alex Noble ( Sheffield.
July 2017.

عقد بيع اسهم بالتقسيط Assemble by See Pereria EP5(1) remix. Duration: 4:19 The starting point of the piece was the act of responding to the drawing. I interpreted this by immersing myself in the process of making and imagined some of the things that you went through during the process. Key things (in no particular order): · action · stillness · reflection · excitement · building · processing · tension · layers · duration · visiting & re-visiting · aesthetic decisions · placement · intuition · connecting · space (physically & mental) · repetition · conclusion In the sound piece to represent some of these there are: · repeated motifs · loops · ‘found sound’ · layering · distortion · panning · space · cut off’s · reverb · harmonics · echo · changes in pitch/volume/key · different tones/instruments.

اسعار اسهم غازبروم Adi Carter EP5(1) remix. Using visual 7 as my reference. I had a look and made immediate notes on what it felt like to me and would be using my gut feeling as a guide on what I would add.
The drawing really made me think of sixties British sci fi so that was my way in so to speak…
I did the whole thing as a "live session" everything that went in stayed in, that was the rule I set myself. المجموعه عق الاسهم القطريه Adam Zejma EP5(4) remix. I interpreted "standardise" from the image and tried to fit everything to a temporal grid in Ableton Live. I tried to draw out a regular rhythm from the drums and then tested the tools to their limit in terms of how slow they could play Paddy's pattern.
I used the grid I drew from the drums to warp all the other samples into a "standard" time signature then used that time signature and tempo to trigger the arpeggiator on my Roland Juno 6 analog poly synth.

خذ الحقائق Daniel Reed EP5(3) remix. See annotated drawings and scores below.

All work © Stephen Carley 2016.
All work © Stephen Carley 2017.