I'm an artist/ teacher.
My work is completely concerned with context, process and materials.
I often choose to use 'poor' materials - for example, dust, cardboard, chalk on blackboards, lead, chocolate, ashes, water and other stuff. Perhaps discarded found materials collected between home and studio. Lo-fi audio techniques collecting field recordings, glitched samples, filtered, cut up, reconfigured.
I like to give the viewer / audience / student, room to manoeuvre intellectually.
I'm not really interested in simply making work that has to fit on a mantle shelf, an office wall, a stage or a commercial white cube space, however, I am interested in engaging with ideas that subvert or possibly compliment those contexts.
My work is sometimes intentionally confrontational, sometimes intentionally beautiful.
Profanities, congested space, white noise, ugly / beautiful, process led - 'making a mark'.
I try to avoid associations with art HIStory.
This is my 'punk rock'.

© Chris Saunders 2015